The Invictus Games and its Future

The second Invictus game have finished and in two years time it will be held in Canada.  For the duration of the previous week, the mentally and physically wounded service men and women (I call them superheroes) participated and showed their strengths to the world. Furthermore, British ex service men and women, who performed in the choir, wrote and sang their own song. It was incredible.

Listening to the stories of these brave men and women, was inspirational and emotional. All of them have their own incredible stories, whether they are male or female, married or unmarried; they are amazing human beings.

These men and women have been mentally and physically pushed to their limits for their country. During their journeys, they may have lost their fellow service men/women, friends and family while still courageously fighting on.

They went to the frontline because of us however when they returned home, they had obtained numerous mental and physical health related problems. However this should not be the way that they come back! Although, with lots of support from their families, friends and communities, they are often able to return to the life that they once had.

Whenever I listen to stories or read about matters which relate to this topic, it often makes me emotional. War is such a horrible and nasty act which human kind has adopted. It is so unfortunate to see the biggest headlines on the news are related to war or that throughout history, war was a very influential  and common act. Obviously, people stand up against each other for different reasons. However, war has caused so many innocent lives to be lost and many, many others to suffer yet there is another side who ultimately gain from the war. The people who make weapons and sell them are secret multimillionaires and can, unfortunately, be seen as the winners of wars. Bribery, corruption and different ideas make people go against each other which implants the idea of creating weapons into people’s minds. I believe that if there is no fire, then there are no weapons and if there are no weapons then there is no fire.

It is unnerving to know that when people are suffering in the battlefields, others are making money from the war and selling weapons. Until these cynical people leave, a peaceful and harmonious world will not exist. It is perfectly clear that when the next invictus games arrive, more service men and women will be wounded and suffering mental and physical health related problems. Yet who takes responsibility for this?


Authors Note – I would just like to say that this post was not made to offend or hurt anyone. My intentions were truly just to explain to everybody of the invictus games and why they were made. Obviously I have gone on to other topics which some may find distressing or offensive and please note that I would never intentionally want to hurt anybody! Again, I am very sorry if you have found this blog post distressing in any sort of way.


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