Jane Eyre

jepuffin1There are many happy memories which relate me towards this book. At a young age, my mother recommended me this book and helped me to find it. From then on, we would constantly be found reading it together, mesmerized by the words entrancing of off the page. The story of Jane Eyre is one that is heart warming. Her tale of struggling to become a teacher to earn money is one that many are able to relate to. I felt truly sympathetic towards her when her humble background caused her to be ridiculed by others of a higher class and greater wealth.   Although hardships would often come her way, Jane Eyre’s persistent courage and kind heart ultimately leads to her finding true love and obtaining happiness; making her a true inspiration to all of us.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone, no matter their age as this book is a true classic of literature and is one that undoubtedly, everyone should read at least once in their lifetime!


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